“Your podcasts and posts have been really awesome and practical, thank you so much for all the effort you put into them, from an appreciative Intern.”

Grace Buckner, Intern


"Well done on a great initiative! onthewards podcasts were important for me in the latter parts of medical school and internship in particular. I appreciate it and I know many others have too. Your team has improved the care of patients and the wellbeing of JMO's throughout the country. Simply awesome stuff!"

James Dent, ACEM Trainee

Western Australia

"I am a big follower of your podcasts and blog, and can’t imagine making it through medical school and my residency without them - thank you."

Ehsan Panahi, Trainee


"Seriously, a big thank you for all of your effort and commitment to an amazing resource for all of us."

Dr Becc, Trainee


"I am a 3rd year medical student on rural placement, and I am commuting almost two hours every day. However, one of my friends linked me your podcast and it was a game changer. The quality of the information as well as the presentation of the information (in an easy to understand format) has been so educational. Instead of having 2 hours of unproductive driving a day, I now get to make the most of it. In fact, I have already finished all of your podcasts and am now listening to them all again."

Matthew Kent, Medical Student


"So I just wanted to thank you, for all the time you put into making this free and extremely educational podcast. Myself, as well as all my friends who do a lot of commuting (I have linked them your podcast), couldn't thank you enough. I am looking forward to all of your future content."

Matthew Kent, Medical Student


"I really admire what you do with onthewards. I have long believed that medicine is at the intersection of science and the humanities. So I have complete respect for doctors who are engaged in any form of creative activity - whether that be through writing, editing, communicating, or hosting spaces for other doctors to flex those muscles. Hats off to you."

Jin Russell, BPT Registrar


"It has been fun to write and really made me think about what I love so much about doing this job. I hope it's suitable for the audience and helps to provide a snapshot of how we contribute to the healthcare of people in our communities."

Sascha Baldry, Paramedic

New South Wales

"I'm a little obsessed with onthewards, you guys have gotten me through exams, thanks so much."

Georgia Harding, Medical Student

New South Wales

"I have literally yesterday just discovered your blog and podcasts.. and my goodness! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into them, and for such a wide variety of clinical content. I've listened to about 4 podcast episodes in the last few hours and have already learned so much. Please don't stop! They are so so so good! You have a new fan!"

Rose Cecely

"Very interesting and well organised podcasts, with lots of questions I'd have been asking a senior. Learnt lots about transplant work up, the procedure itself, immediate and late complications of transplant, and immunosuppression and their long term effects. Covered every relevant thing. Excellent job! Thank you!"

Dolapo Igboin

United Kingdom