Our Mission: Empowering the next generation of patient-centred doctors.

Providing junior doctors with the practical knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver the best patient care.


Junior doctors play a critical role in the health of patients on hospital wards.

In this fast paced hospital environment, nurturing the confidence and skills needed to provide the best in patient care takes more than just medical school knowledge.

It takes a community dedicated to encouraging and empowering each other through proactive, practical and professional support.

onthewards is that community. A safe space to connect, share practical knowledge and experiences. An invaluable resource used by over 20,000 people a month. An innovative, accessible and flexible partner in clinical practice.

Together, we’re leading a junior doctor movement, giving them a voice, and the confidence they need to deliver consistent, high quality and holistic care to their patients, colleagues, and themselves – both on and off the wards.


onthewards empowers junior doctors and senior medical students by expanding their knowledge, connecting them to their peers, and being
empathetic to their experiences. onthewards helps nurture the confidence to enable junior doctors to deliver better care.


onthewards was set up to give practical help, education and guidance to junior doctors and senior medical students, whenever, wherever and however they need it. onthewards is an invaluable partner in your
medical journey – both on and off the wards.

onthewards provides alternative methods from the tradition lectures, such as podcasts, to deliver medical education.


We support junior doctors and senior medical students through the most difficult and stressful time in their career.  onthewards supports by providing advice, sharing experiences, connections and assistance so that junior doctors are better able to provide the best possible care – to patients and to themselves.


We started with a team of four, originating at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia, developing locally produced podcasts. After increasing interest from doctors across different hospitals we removed passwords and made our resources available to everyone. We are now a team of over 25 that includes medical students, junior and senior doctors as well as other health professionals.

Our culture

onthewards is a community run by and made for a group of committed and enthusiastic junior doctors and other health professions. It is a safe, supportive space where doctors and others within the health profession can find education and peer support. Maintaining a great community starts with the way we look after each other.

Code of conduct and guiding principles

The patient comes first, every time. We always protect the privacy and dignity of our patients and team by maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity.

We support peers through discussion, share information, knowledge and educational experiences.

We communicate and collaborate with transparency, openly, ethically, respectfully, professionally and with integrity.

We operate in an environment that values diversity, is inclusive and are committed to learning, questioning and challenging the status quo.

We do not tolerate bullying, harassment or offensive attitude or behaviour.

Join our community

We are always looking for medical students, junior and senior doctors and other health professionals that are interested in joining our team.

To find out about getting involved see our Expression of Interest page or contact us.