Summary:  Rose McCarthy

Editors:  Margot Gook and Melanie Boon


James chats to Margot Gook and Melanie Boon about debriefing after a traumatic incident at work. 

All staff in hospital systems may be in need of debriefing due to traumatic incidences at work. Debriefing with a psychologist (and not just your supervisor) can provide benefits of confidentiality and coping strategies.


Margot Gook is a Senior Consultant Psychologist with EAP (Employee Assistance Program) at Sydney Local Health District. Margot has 20 years of experience in Trauma Counselling and has worked training staff in psychological disaster response and debriefing. She has extensive experience in areas of building resilience,  team building, coaching and organisational change.


Melanie Boon is a psychologist with the Employee Assistance Program at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Local Health District. Melanie has experience in various clinical settings such as community mental health, private practice, workers compensation and EAP settings.


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