Summary:  Claudia Hurwitz

Editor:  Anastasia Volovets


James talks to Anastasia Volovets about liver transplantation, a final treatment option for patients who would otherwise die of their liver disease.

Dr Anastasia Volovets is a consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist. After completing her advanced training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, she took off for the green pastures of Edinburgh in Scotland to complete a fellowship in advanced liver disease and liver transplantation. On return she did some more liver transplantology as a consultant before settling into a part time staff specialist duties at RPA as well as some private practice locally.

Anastasia loves teaching patients, nurses, medical students and other doctors almost as much as she loves the liver. She is currently involved in developing a state wide curriculum on gastrostomy feeding in her spare time and can often be found wondering the hospital with a cup of coffee and a toxicology textbook.


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Liver transplantation