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by Dr Tim Suharto


Summary: Nick Malouf, Intern

Editor: John-Paul Favero


James talks to Dr Tim Suharto about acute pain management in the first of a two part series.

Tim is a specialist anaesthetist and one of the supervisors of training at Nepean Hospital.  He is involved in the anaesthetic education program and leads the Group for Anaesthetic Simulation (GAS), which delivers in-situ crisis scenarios involving critical care doctors and nurses. Tim is an instructor for the Nepean Difficult Airway course as well as the Nepean Can’t Intubate Can’t Oxygenate (CICO) workshop. He is a strong advocate for innovation in medical education and developing links between sub-specialties in medicine to enhance understanding and collaboration.

Tim’s clinical work encompasses both public and private practice with regular sessions in acute pain medicine, anaesthesia for orthopaedics, ENT, neurosurgery and interventional radiological procedures.


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Part 1: Acute pain management