Author:  Elizabeth Campbell


As we prepare for the festive season (and hopefully, a healthy balance between the abundant overtime shifts, and moments for celebration with loved ones), we are reflecting upon our podcast highlights for 2017.  For me, 2017 has been a great year of learning and adjusting to a new role outside the hospital setting. During my first year of GP training, I have enjoyed listening and reading onthewards for inspiration and practical advice on a range of topics. 

We all know that career aspirations are often at the forefront of most junior doctors’ minds and this was particularly reflected in our Top Ten list with first place going the podcast addressing the more practical aspects of applying for that (hopefully) dream job. Another career building highlight saw those with surgical aspirations being represented, emphasizing the importance of starting early and being prepared.

True to our name, topic that equipped our listeners with skills to manage various day-to-day clinical situations on the wards made for popular podcasts as well – from managing tracheostomies or the patient with urinary retention to imploring the assistance of ICU. Looking back at the breadth of topics covered this year helps us appreciate the diversity of roles of the junior doctor.  

In 2017, we have seen many outstanding clinicians engaging in a dialogue around doctors’ well-being, and self-care.  The mental health of doctors and medical students has rightfully drawn the attention of the general public and clinicians alike.  We have all been affected by the tragic loss of several of our colleagues to mental illness, both at personal and collective professional levels.  Some of our podcasts addressed these important issues of well-being, self-care, and mental health. 

Thank you to all who offered their time and expertise to create the podcasts, and thank you especially to all who listened. We look forward to hearing your feedback and requests for topics to cover in 2018. 


Top podcasts listened to in 2017

Job interview preparation –  Sarah Dalton

Tracheostomies – Jon Gatward

Preparing for night shift – Paul Hamor

Self care –  Amanda Walker

A career in surgery – Titus Kwok

Thrombocytopaenia – Shafqat Inam

Identifying the sick patient – Oliver Flower

Urinary retention – Joanna Dargan

Prescribing opioids – Joanne Rimington

The ICU consult – Oliver Flower