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  1. Harold

    March 7, 2019 at 9:53 am

    I just think that placing the additional pressure of research on JMOs is simply worsening the burnout and stress problem. I’ve seen several JMOs stress about getting involved in research and then once they’re involved, take them away from patient centered care, and also their job as JMOs. Furthermore, mose JMOs have rarely found that their research experience translates into clinical practice as the medical management decisions are made by Registrars, Fellows, and consultants. In addition, looking at CVs now, they’ve simply become an overqualified dumping ground, where things such as research into molecular markers are included which is simply not possible yet in clinical practice. So the question is should JMOs be offered research opportunities in their PGY1 and 2 year, however I believe this opportunities should focus on clinical research, rather than things that will not be possible for atleast the next 10 years.


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